Depressing Times Are Here

Everywhere I look, there is nothing but bad news, and  more bad news. When was the last time I turned on my radio, tv, and cell phone to hear positive words come out of it? Been a very long time. Day by day it seems as if times are getting tougher. I thank God daily when I am able to walk in my house and make it to bed.

Check out these latest news headlines to come through my phone within the last hour:

1) Police: At least 25 teens storm Ga. train, attack riders – AP ( )

2) NY jury convicts brother of torturing, raping mentally disabled half-sister before her murder – Buffalo News (

3) Woman, 2 kids die in fire at home near south-central Missouri town of Rolla ( )

4) Texas police find female body; not saying if it’s related to missing Plano fitness instructor – Dallas Morning News ( )

5) Texas firefighter injured in wildfires earlier this month has died, hospital spokesman says – AP

….and this is only in America, within the past hour, did these news headings come in, nevermind the middle east craziness that’s over there. The bible says that in the last days before Christ’s return, man will wax worse and worse. Meaning things will only get uglier as time goes by. I know some people are hoping for the good ole days to return. So sorry to break it to ya, but they will never return until the Prince of Peace returns. The Lord Jesus Christ.

Please my friends, if you are one of those people that do not believe that the Bible has predicted all of the chaos going on, read the book of revelations, and see if you still feel the same way.

I am sure that some people notice that things will never go back to normal. To those people I want to say that there is still hope.

Endtimes Watchman

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