Dream: A Fire Consumes The Land

This is a dream I had on Saturday, February 20 2016.

An old high school friend, named Justin, and I were driving through a village located somewhere in the mountains, somewhere in America. I did not recognize this place at all, yet I knew where I was going. I was the driver, and at first we were in a regular car, on our way to drop Justin off at his house. We were casually talking, discussing his powerful testimony of how he came to know Jesus Christ.

NOTE: I went to high school Justin, and remember him to be VERY quiet. He was the type of guy everyone was afraid to talk to, in fear of saying something he didn’t like. His height, and the fact that he was so withdrawn, intimidated the other kids, including me, so we just left him alone. Since then we have been great friends. He came to Christ sometime after high school.

As we were driving through this village on our way to his house, we started climbing this long ascent up the mountain. Everything was pretty normal. Nothing about the day seemed out of the ordinary.

SCENERY: We were driving up the side of the mountain, with the body of the mountain to our right. To our left was a steep drop overlooking tops of houses. The only thing that was there to stop anyone from falling to their deaths was a cheap wooden barrier that went all the way up the mountain. The road was unpaved.

Just as we were about to reach the very top of our climb, Justin throws his left hand out towards my window, and says “LOOK, FIRE!” I quickly turned my head out my window, towards where I thought he was pointing. I did not see anything that was alarming. All I saw was what looked like a twister of smoke spinning on top of a house. For some reason, in the dream I thought to myself “there’s nothing strange about that, its just a small twister forming”. So I kept driving, this time at a slower pace looking for anything strange.

Then suddenly, my eyes fell on what Justin was pointing to. Just to the right of where I was looking at first, was a taller building, right next to the one with the twister on its roof, with lots of smoke coming out of it. It seemed strange indeed. I wasn’t completely sure whether or not the building was really on fire, but it was alarming enough to assume that it was, and not take the chance.

At this point, we were no longer in a car, but we were now suddenly in a school bus. I was still the driver. I contemplated whether or not to call dispatch, and tell them to call the fire department. Again, I wasn’t sure if this was a real fire.

The very next thing that happened completely convinced me that there certainly was trouble. THE WHOLE ROOF OF THE HOUSE BURST IN FLAMES.

By now, I was too shocked to call dispatch, and we just sat there with our mouths agape, staring. Here is the strange thing…in the dream I knew this fire did not originate from the house but much farther away from us. In the dream I knew that the real threat did not reach the house yet, but this fire was the result of a severe heat that was emitted by whatever happened miles away.

Suddenly everything in the vicinity of that house burst in flames, including the smaller house to the left of it. When this happened, Justin and I knew we were in trouble. We KNEW this was coming straight for us. We KNEW it would start with the heat of something catastrophic, then would lead to unavoidable death.

Up until the fire, we were not aware of anyone else traveling on this road. But now, once the houses to our left burst in flames, we saw a flood of people, animals, and vehicles storming their way down the mountain trying to escape something. At this time, nothing had reached us yet. So, following the crowd and animals, I made an (illegal) u-turn with the school bus, and darted down the mountain after the others.

This is when we finally felt it. First, it was the heat. It was so outrageous that things caught fire instantly once the winds hit them. The heat was so hot, that I remember thinking “If this is THIS bad, I really don’t want to see what HELL is like”.

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As we headed down the hill, one of my co-workers from work flew past us in her bus. As she passed us, I saw that the top of her bus, as well as her tires, were on fire. I knew that meant mine too were on fire, but we kept driving as fast as we can possibly go down this mountain. Again, the full brunt of it did not hit us yet. It was still a heat that would burn us up if we remained in the area.

All of a sudden we reached an area with a body of water that must be crossed. By now, we lost the school bus. My guess is it was so badly damaged that we had to continue on foot.

Once we reached the water, I knew it could do nothing to alleviate the pain of the heat. I knew this water would soon dry up due to the severe heat. So Justin and I jumped in the water, and swam our way all the way to the other side of the lake. During our swim, I remember thinking about my wife, and prayed that she was safe, and knew where to go.

NOTE: I don’t know how to swim, but in this dream, Michael Phelps himself would have to hang on to me in order to keep up.

Once Justin and I reached the other side, we jumped out of the water and continued to run down a steep slope that was covered by snow. This appeared to be where everyone else had gone because I saw a throng of people sliding down the steep slope. Catching on to their idea, we stopped running and allowed ourselves to slide down, as it proved to be a lot faster than running. As we were sliding down, my dream ended.

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