"To give LIGHT to them that sit in DARKNESS and in the shadow of death, to guide our feet into the way of peace." Luke 1:79


Our Story

My name is Jean-Josue Saintfery - father to a very handsome young fella, and husband to the most wonderful, beautiful, and patient woman. I was born in 1980 in Port-au-Prince, Haiti, to Christian parents who were very serious about their faith. In 1989 I migrated to the United States of America and have been living in Connecticut ever since then.

Growing up in a Christian home was very instrumental in my walk with Christ. Being that I was very hard-headed and stubborn in my youth, a Christian family was detrimental in keeping me on the straight and narrow. Although I did stray many times to go after my own desires, I always felt the pull of the Holy Spirit of God beckoning me to return home.

So why this blog, and why the name A Light Through The Darkness? Allow me to explain. It all started with one simple prayer that I prayed back in 2010 when i was 30 years old. Prior to this prayer, I was content with the direction of my life because 1) I was involved in a business venture that I absolutely loved being a part of 2) I escaped a relationship that if it had gone any further may possibly have been the worst mistake I have ever made 3) I was immersed in my passion music production and engineering and 4) I was surrounded by people I loved and trusted with my very life. There was nothing that I was in need of at the time. While I had all of this going for me, I at the same time became aware and interested in learning about the Illuminati and all that they were leading us to think and believe. With the little I had learned about them at the time, I grew to believe that things were not what they seemed. I knew there was a veil being thrown over the eyes of humanity in all aspects of life. So, not wanting to be blind any longer, late one night, in an empty dance room, I dropped to my knees and asked God to remove the scales off of my eyes, and to teach and show me the truth about everything I believed and have come to know. I WANTED THE TRUTH, AND NOTHING BUT THE TRUTH ABOUT EVERYTHING. Since that day, little by little God began to reveal certain things to me dealing with life, and more importantly the Church itself. I began to see how Satan has infiltrated the Church and established his very own doctrines by using very powerful and well known men and women. Over the years since that prayer I have watched, and studied, and prayed that God would allow the rest of the body of believers to see what I am now seeing, and to know what I have learned. Unfortunately, I have only seen things get much worse for the Church. They have fallen even deeper into seduction and deceit.  

So here I am today, called of God, not by my own will, but by direct biblical command, to shed A Light Through The Darkness that has permeated the Church of Christ. Using what I have learned over the years, I hope to expose the false doctrines, teachings, and wolves that are ravaging the people of God. Yes, many of the things that I share will be very controversial, and may appear to be outright mean. I am sure that I will be condemned as not being Christ like in my approach. What I would like the readers to remember however, is that Christ, during His earthly mission, was not so passive when it came to false teachings. Remember how fierce He was in speaking to the Pharissees. He felt the need to call them names in order to drive His point home. Yet with the sick and lame, and with those who came to Him seeking to know, He was very calm and taught with patience. So like Christ, by the guidance of the Holy Spirit, I will be bold when necessary, and very compassionate when necessary. In all, I purpose to do all things in love.

I hope this blog serves in teaching, and encouraging you to seek a deeper experience, understanding, and knowledge of our great God.


With Love,

Jean-Josue & Miriame Saintfery