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Homosexual Activists Tell Kim Davis: ‘We Will Kidnap Your Husband, Tie Him Up And Force Him To Watch Us Raping You.

Many empires have advanced sodomism, with each attaching it to a particular religion. The Roman Empire advanced sodomism as it was associated with their own religion; the Seleucids advanced sodomism as it was associated with their hybrid religion of Syrian and Greek mythologies; the Greeks did the same, as did the Samurai and the Muslims.…

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Kuwait & Israel Admit They Refuse To Take ‘Refugees’ Because Migrants Don’t Assimilate

While Europe is preparing to take in potentially millions of migrants from African and Middle Eastern countries, politicians in Israel and Kuwait admit that their policy of refusing refugees is because the migrants fail to assimilate and pose a huge threat to social cohesion and democracy. Appearing on Middle Eastern television, a Kuwaiti politician stated,…

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Purge Out The Leaven From Among You

There is a darkness that is far greater in intensity than the darkness which is found in the secular world. I am talking about the darkness that is now found in the modern day mainstream church. What makes this darkness more intense is the fact that the perpetrators of this darkness do not at all…

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The Sins Of America Has Been Exposed

What has been the error of the American people? It turns out we are guilty of the very same things that ancient Israel were guilty of, and therefore, will reap the same judgments. 21 “And you shall not give your seed to pass them through to Molech (CHILD SACRIFICE/ABORTION), nor shall you pollute the name…

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The Unchristian-Like Christian

You who openly claim to be a Christian, be sure that you are living your life in a manner that matches your claim. Know that unbelievers are watching and critiquing your every move. How will they believe when they see a contradiction between your walk and your talk. How will they believe when the change…

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