Dreams & Visions

Dream: A Fire Consumes The Land

This is a dream I had on Saturday, February 20 2016. An old high school friend, named Justin, and I were driving through a¬†village located somewhere in the mountains, somewhere in¬†America. I did not recognize this place at all, yet I knew where I was going. I was the driver, and at first we were…

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The Red List

This is a dream I had some time in 2011 It was nightfall in NYC. I was out on a stroll with no particular destination. I heard commotion coming from somewhere around the next block and proceeded to check it out. When I got to the place where I believed the noise was coming from…

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Worthless Money

  This is a dream I had some time in 2011. I was coming out of what seemed to be a store. I was minding my own business when I was suddenly apprehended by a Mexican officer with a sword. He dropped me to my knees and put the sword to my neck, threatening to…

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The Gathering

This is a dream I had some time in 2011. I was at a children’s playground by myself just walking around. There were many families there with their kids playing on swings, running, and just having a great time. I walked by one family that was enjoying themselves on one of those Merry-Go-Rounds. I walked…

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Nowhere To Hide

This dream I had some time in 2011. My wife, my brother-in-law, my sister, and my two nieces and I were on the run from soldiers. They certainly were not from any branch of military that I recognized. I concluded they were foreign. We were looking for somewhere to hide, and found an abandoned house.…

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