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The Real Reason Why Walmart Is Closing Multiple Stores

Walmart has been in the lime light for some time now with discussions of them converting some of their stores into FEMA camps and their latest ploy of closing multiple stores across the country—154 to be exact here in America. But what is the reason for their latest closing of the 154 stores? CBS News…

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Globalist Documents Reveal America to Lose WW III Along With 90% of Its Population

Most court cases are decided by circumstantial evidence, alone. Both circumstantial and direct evidence demonstrate that the United States is destined to lose World War III along with 90% of its people. There are two smoking guns which conclusively support this assertion. The emergence of the mega-cities concept which will replace our present societal structure.…

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Here Is Why John Boehner Resigned

It is now well known that John Boehner is a dedicated lifelong Roman Catholic.  It is also known that he has pushed for having the Pope come to America and address the U.S. Congress over many years.  Meeting the Pope has always been a dream of Boehner’s which has just come true.  What he failed…

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