Roman Catholicism

Roman Catholicism is one of the biggest religions on earth. Boasting close to one and a half billion members, it is by far one of the most influential religions.


The popularity of Islam in modern society is astonishing. It is receiving wide spread fame although history has proven it to be the most dangerous and oppressive of all faiths.

Jehovah's Witnesses

Like Christianity, JWs claim belief in the God of Abraham, but unlike Christianity, it is a religion that you must beware of. They might be at your doorstep very soon.


Though they preach Jesus as Savior, it is a very different Jesus. The god of Mormonism resembles the Christian God, but is completely different.

Seventh Day Adventism

This religion very closely resembles Christianity. If not careful, it can easily be mistaken for Christianity. Known for worshiping on Saturdays, the SDA religion is deeply rooted in heresy.


Some of the biggest names in Hollywood subscribe to Scientology. Its founder, a full blown Satanist, 


As their name suggests, Universalists believe all mankind will be saved. This of course goes against scripture. See how else they stray from scripture.

Hebrew Roots Movement

You've heard them on street corners, and you've seen them in strange garments, but do you really know what they believe? Learn the basics of this cult, and what makes them dangerous.