Here Is Why John Boehner Resigned


It is now well known that John Boehner is a dedicated lifelong Roman Catholic.  It is also known that he has pushed for having the Pope come to America and address the U.S. Congress over many years.  Meeting the Pope has always been a dream of Boehner’s which has just come true.  What he failed to realize was that such a moment would trigger a realization of his profound betrayal of Roman Catholic teachings and universal morality.

One relatively short papal visit after the historic Congressional address put John Boehner face to face with himself.  Clearly, the Pope reflected back to him the woeful lack of commitment to the most basic principles of civilization and pillars of Western society. Whether the Pope told him directly or by papal courier, Boehner had violated Catholic law and morality IN THE WORST POSSIBLE WAYS.

In so doing John Boehner, through his continual crimes of commission and acts of omission in his capacity as Speaker of the House, was directly responsible for the whole nation’s transgression of natural law and divine order.  His meeting with the Pope surely brought this reality into stark relief.  Hence, his uncontrollable crying and emotional outburst in having to confront his grave offenses against the Almighty.  In yesterday’s case, not against the Pope, against the Lord Almighty.



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