A Letter of Apology To The Unbeliever/Atheist


Dear Unbeliever/Atheist,

You may or may not know me, but I represent the MAJORITY of the men and women who have claimed the title “Christian”. I represent the majority of those whom you have known over the years as friends, family, co-workers and even enemies. Finally, I represent the majority of those you have heard, or seen over the years standing behind a pulpit, or on your doorstep, or on the streets preaching to you about a Savior and a God.

Why a letter of apology? Well, because we owe you one. BIG TIME! We, the Christian church, have so much to apologize for that time constraints will not permit full details. We have wronged you on so many fronts that it requires a letter of apology. Though many Christians may not agree, and will take issue with what I am about to say, I feel that as a Christian it is my duty to apologize for the wrongs that have been done, and attempt to erase the erroneous image that is currently cast on biblical Christianity.

There is a false Christianity out there that is masquerading as biblical Christianity. True Bible-believing Christians are not as numerous as people may think. Often they are not the ones you see on TV, nor the ones you see entering your local Church buildings. Yes they are hidden among them, but they surely are the minority of them, and not the majority. I wish to mark and make clear, through this letter of apology, what is a false Christian practice and what is the true biblical practice. And with that said, allow me to apologize.


I apologize for the horrible example we have been over the years as to the way the Christian life is supposed to be lived. Instead of being an exact representation of Jesus Christ, we have been a perfect representation of our own selfish desires. You may have witnessed this during one of your visits to our Sunday morning services and noticed that all we were concerned about was how to preserve our own lives, and make it better, while at the same time preaching “dying to self” for the sake of bettering someone else’s. This may have sounded like hypocrisy, preaching one thing but acting differently, because that’s exactly what it was. You’ve heard all the excuses we’ve used to justify our greed. Excuses like: “We can’t help nobody if we ourselves are in need”, or “We are children of a King, you think a king would leave his children broke and destitute?” This is one I’m sure you’ve heard: “Jesus and the disciples were rich, so why can’t we be too?”

This is not the teaching of biblical Christianity. The biblical Christian knows, believes, and stands on the truths and promises of God. The biblical Christian has no regard for his/her own welfare because God promises that He will supply all of our needs[1]. The biblical Christian also knows that our primary focus is to not seek our own desires[2]. The part that is hard to focus on is dying to ourselves[3], and our own desires[4]. In fact, our book tells us that those who mind earthly things are enemies of the cross[5]. In other words, those that concern themselves with earthly treasures and desires are not on the right path, and need to repent and seek the forgiveness of Yahweh.

False Witness

I apologize for the horrible witness we have been concerning the power of the RISEN ONE. You’ve heard the many stories we tell of the blind seeing, the lame walking, the dead rising and the deaf hearing, but have you ever witnessed any of this going on amongst us? I do not blame you for not believing any of it since the ones who believe in it don’t walk according to it, and in fact, they excuse themselves by saying that those things were for a time and are no longer needed today. Although it didn’t make sense to you, you didn’t stand to argue.

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False Power

I apologize for the false, unbiblical demonstration of Holy Ghost power you have witnessed in our church services. We expected you to believe that anytime anyone of us falls backwards from the mere touch of a church leader, it was the work of the Holy Ghost in us. Contrary to this, taking the Bible as our example, anytime the presence of God drew near to anyone the natural reaction was that they became aware of their fallen nature. Their immediate response was to fall forward on their face in worship and awe. Isaiah[6], Abraham[7], a multitude of people[8], Daniel[9], the disciples[10], Moses and Aaron[11], Balaam[12], Joshua[13], Manoah[14], Ezekiel[15], John[16] and all the Heavenly beings[17], all had this experience when met with the glory of the presence of God. None of these people had the strength to run, jump and do all of the silly things you see we do nowadays. None fell backwards, but fell face first. The only recorded person to fall backwards in the presence of God were the soldiers who came to arrest Christ[18]. So taking these biblical examples into account, it would appear that when the Glory of God descends, all men fall on their face in worship and awe. Again, nowhere in scripture can we justify the practice of falling over backwards from a  touch to the forehead as common practice in the early church.

It may have felt a bit strange to walk into our Sunday morning services and find some of us wiggling on the floor, while others were running laps around the room screaming, and while still, others were doing a jig known in some circles as “SHOUTING”. Knowing you might question these strange behaviors, we tried to explain it away as the Spirit of God having His way in us. What we were not aware of is that in your search for truth, you’ve encountered the very same demonstration in Hindu circles when they were under the influence of demonic entities, and these spirits would manifest themselves in the exact same manner. This of course caused some confusion for you. If you have tried to ask a Christian where this practice came from, none were able to draw it out from the very book they believe in. In fact, you probably were the one to point out that you’ve always heard that our God was a God of decency and order[19]. You can hardly describe the chaos that are in some of our building as “Decency” or “Order”.

Unfortunately, over the years I have heard many of you say how much of a shock and a turn off it was to walk in and hear all the screaming. Fortunately, biblical Christianity is not a wild, outrageous show as this. The Bible prescribes a manner of silence when the presence of God is present[20]. The biblical Christian worships God in spirit and in truth[21]. Truth that can be found in the scriptures. Nothing described above is found in the scriptures. So where did all this come from? Youtube the phrase “Hindu Kundalini Spirit”, or check out Holy Ghost Or No – False Spirit Invades The Church and decide for yourself whether or not these pagan ceremonies closely resemble some modern day Christian worship services.


I apologize for scamming your poor old grandmother out of her life savings while promising her great returns. You tried to tell her to keep her money, but she was tricked into believing that the only way to get her blessing was to literally empty herself of all she had. Our book does teach us to give, but it has to be out of a willing heart, and NOT out of burden[22]. Also we are to give the amount our heart desires, proportionate to what we have earned, and NOT according to the old law. So those who earn more should willingly give more, and those who earn less should also willingly give as he purposes in his heart. The biblical Christian knows that his/her first duty is to be obedient to God first and foremost, and not to what men may teach.


I apologize for allowing your friend who faithfully attends our services to sleep in her car after missing a couple rent payments. You wanted to know why, after giving so much money to the church, she couldn’t ask them for some type of assisstance? What she probably didn’t tell you is that she did, but she was told that the Church would see if it was in their budget…and that was the last she heard from them about the situation. You see, the bible does warn about leaders who continuously take money and never deal with it according to the will of God, which is to care for those in need, like widows, the homeless, the children, and any others who are in our midst that need help. Many churches will claim to do these things, which may be true, but the question to ask is: Are they doing it for their own sitting in their midst, or are they ignoring those in the pews in order to help those outside of the church doors? This practice is not in accordance to the will of God. We are to take care of our own first[23]. According to our bible, there will always be poor people, so our first priority is not towards those outside of the Church, but towards those right in our midst[24]. We should have dropped everything to deal with her situation. We completely dropped the ball on this one and there is no excuse. I’m sorry.


I apologize for not caring enough to approach you and share the gospel with you. We have allowed fear to creep in and takeover. We resolved to not saying anything, hoping the way we lived our lives would have been powerful enough to lead you to salvation. “Preach the gospel always, use words when necessary” is a quote we recite so many times to ourselves and each other that we actually think it is written in scripture. We prefer to ignore verses like Romans 10:13-14, and leave it to those behind the pulpit to preach to you the goodness of our King. No, we all have the responsibility of sharing the gospel with everyone. It is our duty[25]. We have robbed you of the good news of Jesus Christ. I am sorry.


I apologize for causing so much confusion that the separation that should be between the Church and the secular world is no longer evident . It is a direct order given to us by our God; to separate ourselves from the secular world so that it can clearly be seen that we are different[26]. We have failed to do so in such a major way. So many of you long for a different experience that makes life worth living, but have been offered the same exact thing you are trying to escape. We now have clubs in the church, worship that is on par to rock concerts, church clicques that will not let you close to their circles, circus acts, tight muscle-shirt-skinny-jeans wearing preachers, sports Sundays, and so on and so forth. We now have allowed all sorts of practices into the sanctuary. Instead of being the light that pierces into the darkness of this world, we have allowed the darkness of the world into our sanctuaries. You may or may not know that in many church services today, around the country, we now allow food and beverages into the sanctuary in order to give you a more comfortable, movie-theater style experience. All of this was done to grab your attention and excite you in joining our ranks. You may have asked yourself: “If their God is so wonderful, why do they have to do all these things in order to get my attention. If their God is so great, why does He need people jumping through hoops to impress me?” Good question. The answer is: HE DOESN’T. He has nothing to do with all of that. I’m sorry!

 These are but a few of the things for which I, as a Christian, need to apologize to you, the unbeliever/atheist. Because of the foolish ways of our unbiblical practices, we have caused the true light of Christ to be hidden from your eyes. Instead of seeing humble men and women who serve their God in humility and with a calm spirit, we portray an exact replica of pagan rituals. We have created a perfect diversion to keep your focus off of the true light, and to turn you away from the truth. Because of us you have lost all faith that there once was. There is no one else to blame but ourselves.

What I would like to say to you however, is that, though we may have done things out of order and defiled sacred truths, it does not in any way take away from the real TRUTH, who is Jesus Christ. He is everything that we are not, and we have not been able to show you even a smidge of His true nature. Understand that just because we all claim to be Christians, not all truly are. Many walk, talk, and act like they are, but in reality are far from it. Only those of us who actually follow the principles laid out in the Bible can actually be considered Christians[27]. Any variations of what is found in scripture is not Christian.



Our God is a being who cannot be made imperfect by our imperfections. He remains exactly who He is no matter how bad we screw things up. Yes, we screwed up big time, but here is the beauty of the God we serve – He is a forgiving[28], merciful[29] and long-suffering[30] God who is patient in dealing with us. Though we have not been patient with you, He remains patient[31], waiting for all to call on Him. Though we have not been loving towards you, He remains perfect in His love for all of humanity[32]. Though we have not been forgiving towards you, He is the one who is able to forgive all[33]. So do not allow our imperfections to seal your thoughts against this WONDERFUL SAVIOR. See for yourself who this God of ours truly is[34], and I know that you will agree with me when I say that the majority of today’s Christians have completely lost the way and desperately need to get back on track. Who knows, maybe someday you will be the one brave enough to restore the bar to where it is supposed to be and set the example for all to follow.

I pray that you are able to accept my apologies on behalf of all the Christians you’ve crossed paths with over the years. I hope the next time you meet one of us you’ll bring up this letter and spark a discussion to see where he/she stands. Don’t be afraid (not that you ever were) to question us concerning what we believe. Challenge us to prove what we believe by our way of life. Make us show you, and explain to you where what we do came from, and why we practice it today. In doing so, you may be well instrumental in opening our eyes.

I pray that the mercies of my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, be on you to lead you to the correct understanding of who He is. May He be gracious to you, as He has been to us, to lead you through the door of salvation and equip you with the daily strength that is promised to those who love and serve Him.

With Love,

 A local Christian

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