Nowhere To Hide

This dream I had some time in 2011.

My wife, my brother-in-law, my sister, and my two nieces and I were on the run from soldiers. They certainly were not from any branch of military that I recognized. I concluded they were foreign. We were looking for somewhere to hide, and found an abandoned house. This house was either ransacked, or its construction abandoned. I believe it was the former. We ran through the doors, and searched for the best hiding spots. We went up to the second floor, and right up to the attic where we were able to find some hiding places. I carefully placed my brother under the floor boards of the attic, placed my wife and sister in a closet, and my two nieces inside of the wall. After I made sure they were well hidden, I whispered for all of them to hear “Do not come out under no circumstances. Do not even move!” I then started looking for a place for myself to hide. Nowhere was available. I would not fit anywhere with the others, and I could not slip under the floor boards since there is no one to cover me with floor boards. As i was searching, i heard voices downstairs. I was allowed to see through the floors and saw three soldiers at the entrance of the house with guns drawn. I heard the command “Go upstairs and find them.” I thought to myself “Oh Crap, they’re gonna get me!” I frantically tip toed around the attic looking for anywhere to hide. It didn’t matter anymore. Just then I looked to my right and saw a door that led to a patio. Dreams don’t make sense at times, but on this patio, a great big tree protruded from the patio floor. How you grow a tree from the floor of a 3rd level patio, I don’t know, but this tree was there. I decided to climb it and hid in its branches. Before I left the attic to go outside on the patio, i whispered one final instruction to the family and said “No matter what happens DO NOT come out of hiding.” I knew they would not see them, but I wasn’t so sure about me. Now my nieces and I have a very close bond, and I knew if any one disobeyed my command, it would be one of them, especially the younger one (she can be quite stubborn at times). At this point in time they were 14, and 12 years of age. I gave a personal instruction to the younger and said “Fafa, no matter what you hear, please do not come out!” Then I ran to the tree and started climbing. I was careless about this, and did not think that there may have been soldiers outside on the ground looking for movements up in the attic. As I was getting halway up the tree, I was spotted by one soldier from down below on the ground. I heard him yell “THERE HE IS, HE’S IN THE TREE!” I knew I was caught. No longer wanting to see where this dream was heading, i violently shook my head in the dream to wake myself up. END!

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