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Entries dealing with biblical topics meant to inspire, teach, and motivate you in your daily Christian walk.


Dreams & Visions

Very vivid dreams that I believe are prophetic in nature. I have taken the time to recount the ones that really pressed on my spirit.


All religions are not created the same. What you need to know about the most popular cults that are going around.


SALVATION - What's it all about?

Learn what it means to truly be saved, and how you can know for sure that you are headed for an eternal reward.


Worthless Money


  This is a dream I had some time in 2011. I was coming out of what seemed to be a store. I was minding my own business when I was suddenly apprehended by a Mexican officer with a sword. He dropped me to my knees and put the sword to my neck, threatening to…

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The Gathering


This is a dream I had some time in 2011. I was at a children’s playground by myself just walking around. There were many families there with their kids playing on swings, running, and just having a great time. I walked by one family that was enjoying themselves on one of those Merry-Go-Rounds. I walked…

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Nowhere To Hide


This dream I had some time in 2011. My wife, my brother-in-law, my sister, and my two nieces and I were on the run from soldiers. They certainly were not from any branch of military that I recognized. I concluded they were foreign. We were looking for somewhere to hide, and found an abandoned house.…

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Scared Stiff


This dream I had some time in 2011. I am laying in bed with my wife on my right side. I was laying on my back with my arms down by my side. My wife was laying on her right side facing away from me. All of the sudden I feel my spirit starting to…

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An Unwelcomed Visitor


This is a dream I had back in 2010 I was coming out of what seemed to be the ramp that comes out of a football team’s locker room. Except this did not lead into a field, but led outside to a hill overlooking a wooded area. Halfway up the ramp I was met by…

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