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Breaking news and updates. Stay informed on what is going on in our world. News with a biblical perspective.



Entries dealing with biblical topics meant to inspire, teach, and motivate you in your daily Christian walk.


Dreams & Visions

Very vivid dreams that I believe are prophetic in nature. I have taken the time to recount the ones that really pressed on my spirit.


All religions are not created the same. What you need to know about the most popular cults that are going around.


SALVATION - What's it all about?

Learn what it means to truly be saved, and how you can know for sure that you are headed for an eternal reward.


Depressing Times Are Here


Everywhere I look, there is nothing but bad news, and  more bad news. When was the last time I turned on my radio, tv, and cell phone to hear positive words come out of it? Been a very long time. Day by day it seems as if times are getting tougher. I thank God daily…

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A Light through The Darkness

Okay…so it seems like everyday there is a new country in the the news that is in turmoil. What is really going on here? Can it be that all of these countries all of a sudden cannot get along with their citizens? Or is there an elaborate plan being unfurled by men in the shadows?…

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The Quake That Will Rock The Nation


This is an urgent matter. The US is in for a major earthquake the likes of which have never been felt anywhere around the world before. Where is this nation headed? Are we next on the list to experience a massive earthquake that will see the death of thousands and displace millions from their homes?…

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