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Dreams & Visions

Very vivid dreams that I believe are prophetic in nature. I have taken the time to recount the ones that really pressed on my spirit.


All religions are not created the same. What you need to know about the most popular cults that are going around.


SALVATION - What's it all about?

Learn what it means to truly be saved, and how you can know for sure that you are headed for an eternal reward.


One Group of People Is Acquiring HIV in Record Numbers – Who?


World AIDS Day recognizes the everyday lives and particular struggles of people around the world living with AIDS and HIV, but one population has been long overlooked. According to recent findings from the World Health Organization that analyzed data from 15 countries, transgender women are nearly 49 times more likely than the general population to contract HIV.…

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Senate approves Bill Repealing Much of ObamaCare


The Senate on Thursday passed legislation repealing the core pillars of ObamaCare, taking a major step toward sending such a bill to the president’s desk for the first time. Republicans hailed it as a political messaging victory and a fulfillment of their promise from the 2014 midterm election to force President Obama to veto the…

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Anti-Muslim Rhetoric to be Prosecuted


US Attorney General Loretta Lynch defended Muslims after the San Bernardino shooting adding that officials would take action in case of anti muslim rhetoric U.S. Attorney General Loretta Lynch on Thursday defended Muslims after the San Bernardino, California, shooting on Wednesday that killed 14 people and wounded 17 others, adding that federal officials would take…

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5 Elementary School Kids Allegedly Threaten To Blow Up High School


CLIFTON, N.J. (WABC) — Five elementary school children from Clifton, N.J., have been arrested for allegedly planning to set off an explosive device at the high school. The kids, ages 10 and 11, are fifth-graders from Clifton Elementary School #11. Police said they were allegedly planning to set-off an explosive device at an assembly being…

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Talks of Texas Looking to Secede Rise Again


HOUSTON, Texas – A Texas state Republican Party member is presenting a resolution to Republican Party of Texas officials that could put state secession to a vote by primary voters. Tanya Robertson, a member of the State Republican Executive Committee for Senate District 11, is promoting the idea and will be presenting her resolution to…

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