Radical Christians…Are You One? Check Out This Quick And Easy Guide

RadicalBelievers who hold fast to the Qur’an are considered to be the outcasts of their religion because they believe and act on every word of their sacred book. Similarly, true followers of the Bible will always be seen as the RADICAL OUTCASTS of Christianity because they believe and hold to the truths found in scripture, WITHOUT COMPROMISE.

Those Christian radicals, even in 2016, still believe the WORD of God is still valid, and in full effect[1]. Those crazy radicals still believe in marriage being between one man and one woman[2], even in an age where the US Supreme Court voted to redefine marriage; they still believe that homosexuality is an abomination[3]; they still believe that even in the womb, a baby is a living soul[4], worthy of protecting[5]; they still believe that a nation, under the living GOD, must not be tolerant of Idolatry[6]; they still believe that Christians MUST NOT be tolerant of any sin[7], or any man who sins[8]; they still believe Christians must be quick to repent[9]; they still believe in the preaching of Hell fire[10]; they still believe in calling all unbelievers to repentance from Sin[11]; they still believe there is only one way to Heaven, and no other[12]; they still are not afraid of persecution and tribulation[13], in fact, they rejoice in it knowing their names are written in the Lamb’s Book[14]; they still are not afraid to go against the grain; they still are not afraid to confront ‘Herod’[15]; they are still not afraid of controversy when it comes to standing for the Truth; they still are bold as lions when confronting Sin, yet gentle as lambs when pleading with the sinner; they still are fierce in their preaching of the gospel[16], and still relentless in preaching salvation.

Even as they read these words, those crazy radicals are nodding their heads in agreement. They identify with what I am saying.


How do I know so much about these radicals, and how can I know what they are thinking? Because I am one of them.

How can you know whether or not you are a radical? HERE IS A QUICK AND EASY GUIDE




Radicals know they are the Salt and Light of this world. Since darkness will never coexist with light, and must flee at its presence, it is unreasonable to believe that an unrepentant world can ever feel comfortable doing what they do in the presence of a radical Christian.

The soul that believes they can please both sides – that is to plead the blood of Jesus, while at the same time sympathizing with those who murder babies, and those who embrace a new definition of marriage – then this is the soul that has not been regenerated or set apart unto YAHWEH. This soul is called to repent and come to the TRUTH, whose name is JESUS CHRIST!

Repent and believe that the gospel which you profess, is OFFENSIVE, a STUMBLING BLOCK, and FOOLISHNESS to unbelievers.

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