The Gathering

This is a dream I had some time in 2011.

I was at a children’s playground by myself just walking around. There were many families there with their kids playing on swings, running, and just having a great time. I walked by one family that was enjoying themselves on one of those Merry-Go-Rounds. I walked past the family to where this pick-up truck was parked (in the middle of the playground area…don’t ask me why). A man, who may have been the owner of the pickup truck was standing behind it. I stood with him and we began chatting. As we stood and chatted away, we were oblivious to what was going on behind us. We kept chatting and he pointed up to the sky because the clouds grew dark and the sunny day became very dark. When i looked up, i saw a whole bunch of military choppers just hovering over the playground, while others ZOOMED passed the playground. They appeared to be in quite a hurry. So we kept watching, and noticed that there were soldiers rappelling out of the helicopters. We watched for a couple seconds longer (dont know why, because in real life, that would have been my cue to get my behind outta there) until we realized that this was not good at all. That’s when the man I was chatting with yelled “RUN!”, and we took off. But once we took our eyes off of the sky that’s when we realized the chaos that was already taking place around us. There were kids screaming, crying, and running for their lives…

There were parents chasing, pulling, and grabbing their kids to get them out of the park. Why? Because the same military troops that dropped from the helicopters were snatching anybody and everybody they could get their hands on. Once they grabbed them, they forcefully threw them in the back of these military trucks that appeared out of nowhere (probably pulled in while we were looking up at the sky). This was not the only thing the families were running from. Hovering over the area where that family I previously passed on that Merry-Go-Round, was a circular flying object that actually resembled the same Merry-Go-Round except it now had an enclosed interior (cant really explain it, very strange). But this object was also grabbing people from where it hovered. No one came out of them, I just knew people were disappearing into them. Then suddenly, there were tons of them hovering in addition to choppers. By now, many more military trucks pulled in and joined in the kid/adult-nappings. Somehow that guy and I got separated in all the chaos and we ran in separate ways. I don’t know if he ever got caught, but I ran as fast as I could. I wish I could say that I stood and fought to try and help some kids, but NOPE! I ran for my life. This next part is even harder to explain, but I will try. As the families were caught, there were a couple few stragglers that they couldn’t catch (guess we were too fast). By now the UFOs(for lack of better words), and the choppers left, and there were only a few military personnel left. Let me just add by the way, that the UFOs did not seem concerned about the military, nor were the military concerned about the UFOs. It seemed as if it was a planned “attack”. At this point some of the trucks pulled off (because they were full), and these other trucks pulled in. These trucks were a little different though. Out stepped these human-like people from these new trucks that just arrived. There were still, including me, some people still running (I love how I can run forever in dreams and never get tired). So, on the approval of the military men, these human-like soldiers gave chase after us. These were the military’s “secret weapon” I thought to myself in the dream. These beings though they looked perfectly human, never spoke, never blinked an eye, stared with a hypnotic gaze, showed absolutely no facial emotions, and had absolutely no human intelligence or fear. Whatever they did, was upon command. They did nothing out of command. But these things were EXTREMELY FAST. Superhuman fast. No man could ever outrun these things. Because they had no human intelligence, the only way to outrun them, was to outsmart them. This I learned quickly, and began to run in a zig-zag pattern. As soon as they got close, I would take a sharp turn and continue in a different direction. It worked great because they were not able to take sharp turns and would continue to run in the same direction until they were able to slow down enough, which took them some time, to turn in my new direction. But they would catch up to me in mere micro seconds no matter how far I left them behind. Their speed was just unmatched. At this point I somehow knew that all the other people were finally caught. I kept running my zig-zag formation for quite some time until somehow the one that was chasing me caught me (I think it was because I had to see where these people were being taken to). As soon as he caught me I found myself inside this train (came out of nowhere too) that was filled with people chained to metal beams. Then I found myself instantly inside this building that resembled an empty two level warehouse. This place was full of the people they caught. Some were cuffed to these railings, while others were free to move about. I was on the top floor looking down at the bottom floor at all the kids that were there. For some reason, not all of the people seemed worried. I for one did not want to stay there. I immediately started planning my escape. I was able to find an area that was hidden from view, and saw how I would escape, which meant having to jump out of a window into a body of water. That’s when I realized that this building was on top of a cliff. Then I woke up. END!

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