What Is Meant By 'The Gospel'?

In short, when someone says the 'Gospel', they are referring to the good news of the redemptive (to make amends for; to buy back), finished work of the cross, through Jesus Christ, the Son of the only true living God, whose name is YAHWEH.

What Is The Gospel?

To fully understand the Gospel, we must start from the beginning. The very beginning. The beginning of time itself. A time when there was only one being in existence...YAHWEH!

The Beginning

In the beginning, YAHWEH, who eternally exists in three persons - FATHER, SON, and HOLY SPIRIT - called the TRINITY, created the entire universe and all its majesty in six literal days. On the sixth, and final day of creation, He created man in His very own image - perfect and sinless, to enjoy an eternity of fellowship with Him and all of creation. This man was named Adam. Yahweh then took a rib from Adam, and created a mate for him whom he named Eve. Then Yahweh placed both man and woman whom He had created in a beautiful garden prepared just for them. Their job was to maintain the garden, and to bear children that would eventually populate the whole earth. All was to continue in perfection. No sickness, no disease, no pain - EVER.

Unfortunately, Lucifer, one of Yahweh's previous creations, deceived Eve into disobeying Yahweh. Eve, in turn caused Adam to follow her act of disobedience, and they both ended up disobeying the God of all creation who created them. This act of disobedience is widely known as "The Fall of Man".

This act of disobedience carried eternal consequences. You see, since Yahweh is perfectly Holy and Just, He cannot tolerate Sin. Just as an earthly judge must punish those who commit crimes, likewise, the ultimate Judge of the universe must punish evil doers, or He would not be Holy. It is His nature to be Holy, and cannot be separated from Holiness. He is a God who cannot sin - EVER! 

What Happened Next?

What happened next is very disheartening. Because Adam and his wife disobeyed, and "sinned" against a Holy eternal God, it reaped and eternal consequence - DEATH.

SIN is the violation of Yahweh's laws, and the only penalty for SIN is death. Why death? Well, because Yahweh is so Holy that He cannot, and will not tolerate the soul that sins to be in His presence. That soul MUST be cast out from His presence into what is called the 'Outer Darkness'. This is no temporary punishment, but an eternal judgment from which there is no escape, nor is there any man on earth who can come to your aide.

So when the first couple on earth sinned against God, they immediately became rebels, and were sentenced to die. The very day they sinned, they died spiritually, and began to die physically.

Then What Happened?

Then, since God cannot tolerate sin, He gave out the very first eviction notice, and banished the couple from the garden - because in the middle of this garden was a tree that was a source of life for the couple. By eating its fruit they were able to live forever - but now, banished from the garden, they were sure to die being that they were no longer allowed, or able to eat of its fruit.

So, out of the garden they went. Adam was now cursed by Yahweh to labor hard for food, while Eve was cursed with great pain in childbearing.

The very same curse that was placed on Adam and Eve now transferred to all of their descendants. It is now in every man's nature to sin. We cannot be separated from this ability to sin. We actually love it. Every man now has in his genes the very seed of sin. There is not one person on the face of this earth who is exempt. We are in fact, born in sin, live in sin, and will die in sin - unless something is done.

what does all of that mean?


That means you, being a descendant of Adam and Eve, was born in sin, and because of this, you are separated from God. That means currently, God does not consider you His child. He considers you a child of Satan, a child of wrath, who is destined to receive the full brunt of Yahweh's anger.

These certainly are very strong words that you probably never hear from the average christian, but it is the honest truth - truth that must be known, and not hidden from others. This is truth that is able to deliver one from eternal death.

Do not for one minute think that God takes pleasure in the destruction of any soul. It does not please Him at all. But since you are the embodiment of sin, it is in His righteous nature to cast sin from His presence. 

cast from his presence to where?

To a holding place where they await the final judgment. This holding place is called Hell. It is a place of thick darkness and extreme torment. Hell is a place of a never ending landscape of fire that will burn forever and ever. The tenants of Hell will burn forever, but never be consumed by the fire.

Hell is where we pay for all the sins we have committed. Just as a criminal goes to prison to serve time for his acts of violence, likewise the soul that sins is sent to hell by the Eternal Judge to pay for his acts of violence against God.

Hell is so severe that the Bible describes it as a place of fire so hot you will crave for just one drop of water, but you will find none. A torment so severe, you will gnaw at your tongue and gnash your teeth. A darkness so thick that it could be felt. Since God is Light, Hell is the farthest place possible from the presence of God. Hell is literally a godless place.

There is so much more that can be said about Hell, but for the sake of time and space, I will leave the remainder of the details to the one who has the desire to search and learn more. The most important thing to remember though, is that Hell is forever, and once you enter into it, THERE IS ABSOLUTELY NO ESCAPE WHATSOEVER!

What can i do to avoid such a fate?

There is nothing neither you, nor anyone can do to avoid going to Hell. It is the destination of all human beings born of Adam and Eve. BUT, something was done, in behalf of all those who would believe, that will deliver them from this horrible fate.

what was done?

What was done in behalf of all who will believe and accept it for themselves as truth, is nothing short of a miracle.

Sin, like any crime committed, must be payed for. It cannot go unpunished - thus, the need for Hell.

Yahweh, who loves His creation so much, does not desire to condemn anyone to this horrible place of torment. So the God of the universe devised a plan to bring His people back into a perfect relationship with Him again. He made a way to repair the bridge between God and man - creator and creation, that was destroyed by our first parents, Adam and Eve.

Our God, in His mercy, chose to put all blame, guilt, and shame of those that believe on His perfect and sinless Son Jesus Christ as He hung on a cross. Since the result of sin is death, God the Father allowed His Son to be killed, thus fulfilling the requirement for  the payment of sin, and appeasing the wrath and anger of a Just, and Righteous God.

Three days after His death, this same Jesus resurrected, and came back from the dead victorious. He conquered the grave, and beat death for the sake of all who will believe. He is now at the right hand of God the Father interceding for them.

God the Father, punished Jesus the Son in our stead, and glorified Him through the power of the Holy Spirit - perfect picture of the Trinity working in perfect unison for the salvation and redemption of all who will believe. 

Why do I say 'all who will believe'? Because since the Bible makes it clear that not all will escape Hell, we must come to the conclusion that this sacrifice is null and void to those who reject it as the punishment for their sins. By rejecting it, these individuals are actually saying "No thanks Yahweh, I choose to pay the death penalty for my own sins."

But those who believe and accept, have said to God "I know that I am a sinner, separated from You because of Sin. I know you MUST judge sin, and eternal death in Hell is the result. I realize that I cannot pay for my own sins, but need a Savior to save me from Your righteous anger. I accept the sacrifice You've made for me, and I accept and believe that you have fully payed the penalty for my sin, and now I stand correct with the Father, never to face the wrath of God since you faced it in my behalf."

What can i do to be sure that i never have to face God's wrath?

There is only one way to be sure that you never have to face an angry God. You MUST accept the one free gift of SALVATION offered to all of mankind - the gift that was given through Jesus Christ when He became the very sins God hates, and died for the forgiveness of all sin, once and for all.

Please be sure to go through the Salvation page of this website to get a complete understanding of what salvation is, what it entails, and how to receive it. Click Here

after salvation, what comes next?

After receiving salvation, and know for sure that you have escaped the judgment of God, you must stay in constant contact with the very God that saved you - Yahweh. You must talk to Him daily, through prayer, and allow Him to talk to you daily, through His word - the Bible.

Just as important, you MUST go and show others the truth about their current state. Can you imagine having the keys to the prison cell that your loved ones are locked in, but everyday you continue to pass by them and never release them? Well, to not share the Gospel message with those who need it, is doing far worse than that. You MUST preach the Gospel to this lost and dying world anyway you can. I just did it with you through this page, you can do it too. It is as easy as leading someone to this very page you are reading. By doing that, you have just shared and taken part in the gospel message going throughout the world.

After you have breathed your last breath on this earth, you will awaken to a heavenly glory. You will be greeted by Jesus Christ Himself - the redeemer of your soul, where you will hear Him say "Well done, good and faithful servant."

From then on, you will enjoy eternity with your God. Everything that Adam lost to sin will be brought back. Perfection will reign once again, and you, yourself, will become a perfect likeness of your Savior, never to sin again.

This is the inheritance of the redeemed ones.

Ok, I want to be saved from God's Wrath. How do i do that?