The Quake That Will Rock The Nation

This is an urgent matter. The US is in for a major earthquake the likes of which have never been felt anywhere around the world before.

Where is this nation headed? Are we next on the list to experience a massive earthquake that will see the death of thousands and displace millions from their homes? When? Where? How? These are questions that I wish I could give a definite answer to, but nothing in this world is definite. At this point in time I can only speculate the details of this massive event.

Where in the US will this happen? Have you heard of the New Madrid Seismic Zone? You can read about what it is, as well as where it is located, by clicking on the link below:

This is a highly active area that is overdue for some action. This is a very serious matter. So much so that FEMA, Canada, the Army, the CIA, and other cooperating governmental agencies will perform a rare training event on May 21-25, 2011, at Fort Leavenworth’s Lewis and Clark Center. The weeklong event, known as the National Level Exercise (NLE), is designed to encourage participants to confront the challenges and uncertainties of joint, interagency and multinational operations, and to prepare and coordinate a multiple-jurisdictional integrated response to a national catastrophic event.

The movies, media, and other forms of entertainment have a way of letting us know what will happen before these events actually take place. How do they know? Well, believe me when I tell you that this is a whole different area of study that I do not wish to get into right now for the sake of the importance of getting this information out as fast as I can. Let me just say though, that if you Youtube “Oil Storm”, you can watch a movie that “conveniently” came out two weeks prior to hurricane Katrina back in 2006, yet plays out the scenario of events that happened exactly as portrayed immediately following the hurricane. How can a movie predict down to the minute detail the global effects of this event? Coincidence? Only if you ignore the odds of something like that actually happening the EXACT same way, in the EXACT same order, in the EXACT same state as that of the movie. But…let’s get to why I brought this point up.

The weather channel released a documentary for the people living in the “hot-zone” that depicts the possibilities of an earthquake happening in that area. I did not see the show itself, but you probably can Youtube it. But here is the link for the trailer that was aired:

…and here is another warning from the Weather Channel

Not “IF”, but “WHEN” this earthquake hits, it has been predicted that this event will not only change people’s lives, but will be the first of many catastrophic events that will change the nation’s land mass, and shape in addition to effecting the whole globe. The US Navy released a map of what they predict will be the new look of the US following these possible events. Be aware that earthquakes are usually followed by multiple aftershocks that can be massive earthquakes on their own. Please take a look at the maps below that were released by the US Navy:



Is there reason to be concerned? You bet there is. FEMA is concerned, so I think we should be too. FEMA is so concerned about this event that they went ahead, as of this year, and ordered millions of pounds of MREs (Meals Ready To Eat) to sustain millions of people for 2 weeks. I have taken the liberty of pasting below, the exact request form submitted by FEMA to the pre-packaged food companies. I have also provided the link, where you can read this and see it with your very own eyes, provided that it has not been moved or deleted by the time you are reading this.

RFI for Pre-Packaged Commercial Meals

Solicitation Number: HSFEHQ-11-R-Meals

Agency: Department of Homeland Security
Office: Federal Emergency Management Agency
Location: Logistics Section

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Opportunity History

Sources Sought

Jan 20, 2011

11:54 am

Jan 27, 2011

3:59 pm

Solicitation Number: HSFEHQ-11-R-MealsNotice Type: Sources Sought / CancelledSynopsis:Added: Jan 20, 2011 11:54 am

The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) procures and stores pre-packaged
commercial meals to support readiness capability for immediate distribution to disaster
survivors routinely.  The purpose of this Request for Information is to identify sources of
supply for meals in support of disaster relief efforts based on a catastrophic disaster event within the New Madrid Fault System for a survivor population of 7M to be utilized for the
sustainment of life during a 10-day period of operations.   FEMA is considering the following specifications (14M meals per day):

– Serving Size – 12 ounce (entree not to exceed 480 calorie count);
– Maximum calories – 1200 and/or 1165 per meal;
– Protein parameters – 29g-37g kit;
– Trans Fat – 0;
– Saturated Fat – 13 grams (9 calories per gram);
– Total Fat – 47 grams (less than 10% calories);
– Maximum sodium – 800-930 mg;

Requested Menus to include snacks (i.e. fruit mix, candy, chocolate/peanut butter squeezers, drink mix, condiments, and utensils).  All meals/kits must have 36 months of remaining shelf life upon delivery.   Packaging should be environmentally friendly.

– Homestyle Chicken Noodles
– Potatoes
– Vegetarian Pasta
– Green Pepper Steak w/Rice
– BBQ sauce w/Beef and diced
– Chicken w/Rice and Beans
– Chicken Pasta

The following questions are put forward to interested parties:

1. Please specify the type of organization responding to the questions (i.e. small business, large business, industry association, etc.) If a small business, please specify all Small Business Administration socioeconomic programs under which your organization qualifies.

2. Does your organization have a product available that meets all the specifications above?
If the answer is “Yes:” What is the country of origin?
If the answer is “No:” (a) Can your organization produce such a product? (b) What would be the product lead time? (c) What country are the manufacturing plants located in?

3. Can your organization delivery the product to a specified location within a 24 hour period

4. Please provide an implementation plan for critical delivery orders and delivery surge orders.

5.  What states do you already have contracts in place with to provide these types of products?

6.  Please detail the type of meals and quantities you can provide for each day following a disaster.

7.  Please provide alternatives to the meal specifications that your organization can provide.

8.  What type of delivery schedule would your organization recommend for the meals?

9. Does your organization have the capabilities to deliver products directly to FEMA’s CONUS Distributions Centers?

10.  Can your organization track deliveries from point of origin to point of delivery?

11.  What is your lead time for delivery once FEMA has placed an order?

Interested parties may also provide brochures, web links, or other literature about their cots available for the specified users. Responses to this RFI are not considered offers and cannot be accepted by the Government to form a binding contract.

Vendors are encouraged to ask the Government questions regarding this potential requirement. Questions must be submitted in writing to Julieann L. Phillips at not later than 2:00PM, 26 January 2011 to be answered.  Responses to questions will be provided not later than 2:00PM, 03 February 2011.  Request for Information closing date is 03 February 2011.

Added: Jan 27, 2011 3:59 pm

This RFI is being cancelled in its entirety effective as of 4 pm Eastern Time on January 27, 2011.

Contracting Office Address:

500 C Street SW
Patriots Plaza — 5th Floor
Washington, District of Columbia 20472

Primary Point of Contact.:

Julieann L. Phillips,



How close are we to this catastrophic event? I cannot put it in better words than the people who live in the “hot-zones”. They are the ones that see day to day manifestations of near eruption. Click here to read what one man says of his neighborhood:

Yes, this catastrophic event is very near. This could possibly come to pass anytime between the rest of this year, and next year. Is there any escape? If you know anyone that lives in the “hot-zone” areas, now is the time to warn them. Relaying this information to them can give them enough time to prepare and avoid massive loss.

More important than physical preparation, is the spiritual preparation. Nowhere in the world is safe if you have not found safety in the Lord Jesus Christ. His word promises to protect us, and give us peace in these tough, uncertain times. If you have not found Christ yet, I invite you to take this opportunity to secure your life in Him. The Bible speaks of a time when this whole world will be judge by God, and the only protection from His Wrath is to accept the Lord Jesus Christ as Savior. Our time here on earth is very short. We spend months preparing where we will stay during our next vacation, what the best hotel is, the best eating spots in that area, even the closest car rental. But do we even give a thought as to where we will be spending eternity when we die? The Bible gives us only two options; Heaven, or Hell? Which one will you choose?

Further Info: (25:30 – 34:00 pay special attention)

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