The Red List

This is a dream I had some time in 2011
It was nightfall in NYC. I was out on a stroll with no particular destination. I heard commotion coming from somewhere around the next block and proceeded to check it out. When I got to the place where I believed the noise was coming from I saw the commander of a military group barking out orders and frantically handing out sheets of papers to all of the armed men. I was able to get close enough to take a peek at one of the papers without being noticed. When I saw what was written on the paper I was immediately afraid. The piece of paper contained the names of all the individuals in the city who were not only gun owners, but these particular people were veterans. Upon giving the soldiers their list of names the captain barked out one final order: “don’t just take their guns, make sure they never get another one”. I knew exactly what that meant and became increasingly afraid. I must have been shielded from being seen by these men because they never noticed me reading their papers. I was able to read some of the names, but could not remember any of them once I woke up. Once the captain finished barking this last order they set out on foot. I was so afraid and began to run ahead of them to warn the people of the city. My run seemed like a crawl. No matter how hard I tried to run faster in order to create a bigger gap between the soldiers and I, I failed. They were always right behind me to the point I thought they were going to shoot me, but they never did because they could not see me. Maybe it was because my name was not on their target list. When I got to their destination, I noticed there were already armed men going to work on the population who were not of the same batch of men I just observed. I stood outside of a school and saw all the lights inside were on. I knew there should not have been any lights on since it was way past school hours. I went in, and their chaos everywhere. They were looking for hidden guns and people. I walked into one classroom and was finally noticed by Jazzlyn (a young friend of mine who was a high schooler around the time of this dream). Seeing her confirmed that this was a high school. She was not troubled by the chaos, nor did she seem afraid or concerned, in fact she was well dressed. As if the military men were under her authority, she was leading them around the school. (THOUGHT: Could this have been her high school and she was promised protection in return for her help?) When she saw me her face lit up with excitement. I didnt know how to react, but turned and walked away. She didn’t point me out or anything so I ran out of the school to get to my family. Outside, things seemed pretty quiet. I wanted to catch a cab, but there were none. The hour was pretty late so no one was out on this side of town. I can’t recall if I ever made it home that night….END

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