Worthless Money


This is a dream I had some time in 2011.

I was coming out of what seemed to be a store. I was minding my own business when I was suddenly apprehended by a Mexican officer with a sword. He dropped me to my knees and put the sword to my neck, threatening to cut off my head. I didn’t understand what I was being arrested for, but I remained calm and obeyed his orders. I noticed to the right of me Chinese and Mexican soldiers sitting on a picnic table watching all of this. They were obviously entertained by what they saw, and joked all the while laughing at my demise. For some reason I was told to rise to my feet and leave. I quickly hurried to my feet and made my way across the parking lot away from the store. Never did I utter one word. As I walked away, the Chinese man hurled insults at me all the while throwing dimes and quarters at me. In the dream I knew American money had become worthless and that is why the Chinese man was throwing them while cursing at me. END!

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