You Wouldn’t Want God To Stop All The Evil In This World – Here Is Why!

If God Is So Good, Why Doesn’t He Just Stop All Of The Evil That Is In This World?

Why does God allow evilThis question is one of the most popular questions asked by non-believers. It can seem as if having the best answer ever to this question would lead to the end of Atheism. This is certainly not true, as the atheist would certainly find another reason not to believe. Here is my take on this important question.

Why does God not simply put an end to all the evils of this world, especially since Christians claim He has the power to do so? Is it because He is not as loving as Christians say He is? Because obviously, if any of us “good-hearted” folks had the power to do so, we certainly would. So why does He not do it, since He has all power and authority?

There are two important facts that you MUST understand.

Fact #1: God is HOLY and JUST. He MUST judge and execute justice. So He cannot simply stop all evil, and let evildoers go free.

If any judge were to allow criminals to go unpunished, we would call such a judge CORRUPT, and demand that he be tried. But God is a RIGHTEOUS judge, who will never violate justice (Job 37:23). This can only mean that for God to put a stop to all of the evil that is in this world, He would have to come and judge ALL evildoers.

Fact #2: Evil is the absence of good, but the Bible is clear that God alone is good.

Therefore, since God is good, we must conclude that Evil is the absence of God. One can only be considered “good” when he/she has the Holy Spirit of God living within them. Apart from God, all men are evil. So, for God to rid the world of evil, He MUST rid the world of you. He MUST judge you, the embodiment of all that is EVIL.

Are YOU ready to be judged?

It is very easy for us to demand justice when we don’t see ourselves as guilty, and deserving of death as that sick murderer, or that horrible rapist, or that nasty pedophile. “They should all be squashed like the slimy slugs they are”, right?

The problem is, you have a flawed understanding of God’s Holiness. He is so Holy that no evil can ever be in His presence (Psalm 5:4). Since He will not violate justice, even for the sake of LOVE, He must judge ALL Sin, no matter how small or insignificant we think it to be.

So, are you ready to be judged for the lies you’ve told, even as a child? How about the things you’ve stolen as a kid, are you ready to be judged for those too? Here’s one, Are you ready to be judged for looking at someone with lust in your eyes, or hate in your heart, or envious of their belongings? You may not think those to be great offences because you are looking at them form your perspective and understanding of Sin. But let’s look at them from God’s understanding:

  • 1) Looking at anyone with lust in your eyes is ADULTERY (Mat 5:28); so this makes you an ADULTERER, just like the man or woman who abandoned his/her family to go live with another person.
  • 2) Having hate in your heart for anyone makes you a MURDERER (1 John 3:15), no different than a man who shoves a knife right through his brother’s chest.
  • 3) Rebellion against any of God’s laws is the same as SORCERY (1 Sam 15:23), which means you are on the same level as the woman who practices WITCHCRAFT.
  • 4) Ever been stubborn in your lifetime? Well that is IDOLATRY (1 Sam 15:23), and is no different than those who bow in worship to statues.

All of these things (lying, stealing, adultery, rebellion, stubbornness, lust, jealousy, hate etc…) fall into one category – DISOBEDIENCE. And for that, you stand just as guilty of committing those very same atrocious acts that you demand to know why God allows to continue. Longing for evil to come to an end, is to long for the righteous judgment of God to begin. Longing for evil to stop, is to long for God’s righteous anger to start. Are you ready to face HIM?

Why does God allow evil

“Be sure of this: The wicked will not go unpunished” – Proverbs 11:21

Here is why God does not stop and put an end to all evil, misery, and suffering…

For your sake, God endures all the evil of this world so that you would have time to repent and run to Him (Rom 2:4). His eyes see all the evil that goes on (Pro 15:3), so it’s not that He is not caring, or helpless to do anything about it, but it is because He is that much LOVING, that He is patient to wait for you to repent, all the while bearing the evils being committed. He does not take pleasure in anyone being destroyed, so for the sake of all who will come to know Him, and turn from theirs sins and accept Him, He holds back judgment on all evil just a little longer (Eze 18:23). Think of it as a farmer who waits until the last possible second for all the chickens to run into the coup before destroying everything that poses a threat. God is patient, but His patience will soon run out (Rom 2:5).

One day judgment will come, and justice will be served. On that day all the wicked (liars, thieves, drunkards, adulterers, etc..) will suffer death (1 Cor 6:9-10), while all the righteous will be given life, and then all EVIL will cease to exist.

The next time you see or hear that someone has done something so unbelievably wicked, and wonder why a lightning bolt didn’t strike them down, remember, you are just as deserving of that bolt of lightning as they are. The next time you feel an urge to question God, and deny His existence simply because He failed to act according to your understanding of things, remember that you are only able to take you next breath because He has given you some time to repent.

So knowing that there is a time of judgment to come (not believing this fact does not negate it), what is left for us to do? If you are an unbeliever you MUST accept, and believe the true Gospel of Jesus Christ, and receive Salvation in His name. Only when you have done this can you escape the judgment that will surely come, and pass from death into Eternal Life.


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